Release History

Version Date Description
2.5.2 01.04.2016 2.5.2 release
2.5.1 03.03.2016 2.5.1 release
2.5 28.01.2016 2.5 release
2.4 03.11.2015 2.4 release
2.3 18.08.2015 2.3 release
2.2 26.06.2015 2.2 release
2.1 20.02.2015 2.1 release
2.0 01.11.2014 2.0 release
1.4.1 11.07.2014 1.4.1 release
1.4 02.05.2014 1.4 release
1.3.1 06.09.2013 1.3.1 release
1.3 01.04.2013 1.3 release
1.2 05.07.2012 1.2 release
1.1 12.08.2010 1.1 release
1.0 25.09.2009 1.0 open source release
0.1 - 0.9 25.09.2006 - 26.08.2008 Older versions for internal use

Release 2.5.2 – 01.04.2016

Type Changes By
Add CITRUS-50 Support Hamcrest matchers christophd
Add CITRUS-49 Support Json object functions in JsonPath validation christophd
Add CITRUS-47 BinaryBase64 message validator christophd
Add CITRUS-46 Annotation config support for all modules christophd
Fix GITHUB-89 StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in XMLUtils.getTargetCharset() christophd
Fix GITHUB-90 Send binary messages with XML DSL christophd
Fix GITHUB-87 Validation matcher support in PlainTextMessageValidator christophd
Fix GITHUB-86 XML comments will counted as "normal" child element christophd
Fix GITHUB-85 XML comments before root element skip validation christophd
Fix GITHUB-84 Custom-Function, unclear Exception-Message christophd
Fix GITHUB-83 TestNG DataProvider and CitrusResource injection of TestRunner not working properly christophd
Fix GITHUB-82 Multithreaded selectors throw a ConcurrentModificationException christophd
Fix GITHUB-80 Empty message payload support in JSON data dictionary christophd
Fix GITHUB-79 SQL query file resource produces SQLSyntaxError christophd

Release 2.5.1 – 03.03.2016

Type Changes By
Add CITRUS-46 Annotation config support christophd
Add CITRUS-41 Citrus main application class christophd
Fix GITHUB-78 Dynamic endpoints not working for http DSL christophd
Fix GITHUB-77 Missing 2.5 xsd references in spring.schemas christophd
Fix GITHUB-76 Nullpointer in after suite christophd
Fix GITHUB-74 MailServer stops on emtpy line gucce
Fix GITHUB-73 Cant mvn install citrus with Java 1.7 christophd
Fix GITHUB-70 Message payload lost for Http PATCH method christophd
Fix GITHUB-67 Form urlencoded marshaller using wrong xsd location christophd
Fix GITHUB-66 Empty Http request headers missing on server receive christophd
Fix GITHUB-65 Variable extractor not working in http:receive-response XML christophd

Release 2.5 – 28.01.2016

Type Changes By
Add CITRUS-39 TestContext injection christophd
Add CITRUS-37 x-www-form-urlencoded message validator christophd
Fix GITHUB-62 DataDictionary not settable via Java DSL christophd
Fix GITHUB-61 Global scoped data dictionaries breaking message receipt christophd
Fix GITHUB-60 ClassPathResource name needs correction in User Guide christophd
Fix GITHUB-59 Docker action sharing docker command instance christophd
Fix GITHUB-58 JUnit4CitrusTestDesigner validateScript doesn't work properly christophd
Fix GITHUB-55 x-www-form-urlencoded payload lost christophd
Fix GITHUB-50 allow variable value definition in cdata section christophd
Add CITRUS-36 RMI support deppisch
Update CITRUS-34 Cleanup validation matcher support maherm
Update CITRUS-32 Use Mockito instead of EasyMock christophd
Add CITRUS-31 Date range validation matcher maherm
Add CITRUS-29 Read file resource function christophd
Add CITRUS-24 Timer action container maherm
Update CITRUS-23 Optimize Jett-9 startup maherm
Update CITRUS-17 Update to Vert.x 3.0 maherm

Release 2.4 – 03.11.2015

Type Changes By
Fix GITHUB-47 JSON data dictionary throws NullPointerException christophd
Update CITRUS-27 Validation callback with TestContext christophd
Update CITRUS-26 Improved REST support christophd
Add CITRUS-22 Wait-Condition Action maherm
Add CITRUS-21 Camel route test actions christophd
Update CITRUS-20 Http DELETE with payload christophd
Add CITRUS-19 Purge endpoints action christophd
Update CITRUS-14 Update plugin versions christophd
Update CITRUS-13 Update dependency versions christophd
Add CITRUS-12 Release archetypes to central christophd
Add CITRUS-11 Release to Maven central christophd
Add CITRUS-6 Docker support christophd

Release 2.3 – 18.08.2015

Type Changes By
Fix GITHUB-45 Assertion error in parallel not causing test case to fail christophd
Fix CITRUS-264 Camel direct endpoint consumer caching christophd
Add CITRUS-263 Customize message validators christophd
Update CITRUS-262 Boolean expression evaluation in Java DSL christophd
Add CITRUS-255 Refactor Java DSL test action execution (TestRunner) christophd
Update CITRUS-253 Update Jetty version maherm
Add CITRUS-248 Websocket support maherm
Add CITRUS-196 JSONPath support christophd

Release 2.2 – 26.06.2015

Type Changes By
Fix CITRUS-261 Http server response message tracing christophd
Add CITRUS-260 Customize dynamic endpoint names christophd
Fix CITRUS-259 Nullpointer in SoapMessageConverter christophd
Update CITRUS-254 Citrus annotation support in JUnit christophd
Fix CITRUS-252 ANT tasks and tutorial christophd
Add CITRUS-250 Start/Stop server action christophd
Add CITRUS-249 Arquillian integration christophd
Fix CITRUS-245 Iterating action container in loops christophd

Release 2.1 – 20.02.2015

Type Changes By
Update CITRUS-244 Keep SOAP envelope for incoming requests christophd
Update CITRUS-243 Ssh request/response XSD schema christophd
Fix CITRUS-242 WSDL includes not working in schema validation christophd
Add CITRUS-241 SOAP MTOM support christophd
Fix CITRUS-240 Missing Java 7 requirements in user guide christophd
Fix CITRUS-239 Java test action cahing String[] method parameters christophd
Fix CITRUS-238 Conversion exception when logging object message payloads christophd
Update CITRUS-237 TestNG data provider handling christophd
Fix CITRUS-236 Fallback endpoint adapter not settable christophd
Fix CITRUS-235 SOAP 1.2 server support missing christophd
Fix CITRUS-208 Namespaces lost in SOAP envelope christophd
Fix CITRUS-206 Mail message payload namespace christophd
Fix CITRUS-193 Improve TestNG data provider documentation christophd

Release 2.0 – 01.11.2014

Type Changes By
Update CITRUS-234 Remove deprecated classes christophd
Update CITRUS-233 Separate citrus-jms module christophd
Add CITRUS-232 Use message converter pattern christophd
Fix CITRUS-231 Schema validation on xs:any christophd
Update CITRUS-230 Upgrade to Spring 4.x christophd
Add CITRUS-229 Update dependency and Maven plugin versions christophd
Fix CITRUS-228 TestNG parameters in Java DSL christophd
Update CITRUS-227 Use TestContext in validation matcher interface christophd
Update CITRUS-226 Use TestContext in function interface christophd
Add CITRUS-225 Create variable validation matcher christophd
Add CITRUS-224 Namespace context configuration component christophd
Update CITRUS-223 Correlate messages by default christophd
Add CITRUS-222 Multiple SOAP attachments christophd
Add CITRUS-221 Multiple SOAP header fragments christophd
Add CITRUS-220 Data dictionary schema component christophd
Update CITRUS-219 Auto sleep in milliseconds christophd
Update CITRUS-218 Sleep action in milliseconds christophd
Update CITRUS-217 Rework MessageListener interface christophd
Update CITRUS-216 Log Citrus version christophd
Update CITRUS-215 Rework root application context christophd
Add CITRUS-214 ValidationMatcher XML schema component christophd
Add CITRUS-213 Function library component christophd
Add CITRUS-212 Sequence after test component christophd
Add CITRUS-211 Sequence before/after suite components christophd
Update CITRUS-210 Rework sample applications christophd
Update CITRUS-209 Rework Maven plugin christophd
Add CITRUS-188 Fail fast when validator is missing christophd
Add CITRUS-171 Ftp server adapter christophd
Add CITRUS-191 JMS Soap message converter christophd
Add CITRUS-90 Citrus Jms header mapper christophd

Release 1.4.1 – 11.07.2014

Type Changes By
Add CITRUS-207 Dynamic endpoint components christophd
Add CITRUS-205 Apache Camel support christophd
Add CITRUS-203 Vert.x support christophd
Fix CITRUS-202 Missing soap must understand interceptor support christophd
Fix CITRUS-201 Custom interceptors in citrus-ws server component not loaded christophd

Release 1.4 – 02.05.2014

Type Changes By
Add CITRUS-200 Global variables component christophd
Fix CITRUS-199 Auto sleep < 1 second christophd
Add CITRUS-198 JSON text validator strict mode christophd
Fix CITRUS-197 Attachment spelling in Java DSL christophd
Add CITRUS-195 Java DSL Http specific send options christophd
Fix CITRUS-194 Misleading create variables action in Java DSL christophd
Fix CITRUS-192 Nested anonymous test actions fail christophd
Update CITRUS-190 Doku: FTP adapter description christophd
Fix CITRUS-187 Class cast exceptions when using object variable value christophd
Fix CITRUS-186 AssertionErrors not handled christophd
Fix CITRUS-185 SSHClient with just username/password christophd
Add CITRUS-184 Mail adapter christophd
Add CITRUS-183 SOAP Http Uri as header christophd
Add CITRUS-166 XML data dictionary christophd

Release 1.3.1 – 06.09.2013

Type Changes By
Update CITRUS-182 Support multiple test methods in Java DSL TestBuilder class christophd
Update CITRUS-181 Add true/false to BooleanExpressionParser christophd
Fix CITRUS-180 Attribute validation xsi:type namespace dependent christophd
Fix CITRUS-179 XHTML user guide missing tidy dependency christophd
Fix CITRUS-178 Groovy message header validation skipped christophd
Fix CITRUS-177 ProcessContents strategy for xs:any elements in testcase.xsd christophd
Update CITRUS-176 Improve message dispatching handler christophd
Fix CITRUS-175 Empty control message disables validation christophd
Fix CITRUS-174 JAXBHelperImpl using jdk internal NamespacePrefixMapper christophd
Add CITRUS-173 MatchWeekday function christophd
Add CITRUS-172 ChangeDate function christophd
Fix CITRUS-169 FileUtils read to String encoding christophd
Add CITRUS-168 Add XSD schema repository bean definition parser christophd
Update CITRUS-167 Move message constructing interceptor to base interface christophd

Release 1.3 – 01.04.2013

Type Changes By
Add CITRUS-165 Add Http params to basic authentication christophd
Add CITRUS-164 Support Jetty server with security handler christophd
Add CITRUS-163 Support multiple SOAP fault detail elements christophd
Fix CITRUS-162 Random number function leading zero numbers christophd
Fix CITRUS-161 SOAP 1.2 fault detail validation christophd
Fix CITRUS-160 CurrentDateFunction not threadsafe with custom date format pattern christophd
Fix CITRUS-159 MessageSelectorBuilder breaks with 'A' 'N' 'D' characters christophd
Add CITRUS-158 Http error code simulation christophd
Add CITRUS-157 SSH adapter for mocking SSH requests roland
Update CITRUS-156 Extend schema repository with pattern resolver christophd
Add CITRUS-155 Add WSDL support for schema repository christophd
Add CITRUS-154 Add SOAP fault actor support christophd
Add CITRUS-153 Test actors christophd
Fix CITRUS-152 JUnit test execution broken christophd
Fix CITRUS-151 Resolve function throwing StringIndexOutOfBounds christophd
Fix CITRUS-150 WebServiceEndpoint - NullPointerException when there´s no response christophd
Fix CITRUS-149 XPath breaks message selector with "=" character christophd
Fix CITRUS-148 Java action with String argument type christophd
Fix CITRUS-147 Comma character breaks concat function christophd
Update CITRUS-146 Support variables in file resource paths christophd
Fix CITRUS-145 JSONArray as top level element christophd
Fix CITRUS-143 SOAP fault detail schema validation christophd
Add CITRUS-142 Add new test action for running ANT build targets christophd
Add CITRUS-91 JUnit samples christophd
Add CITRUS-84 JMS durable subscribers christophd
Add CITRUS-82 Fork Http send action christophd
Add CITRUS-68 Java DSL for writing test cases christophd

Release 1.2 – 05.07.2012

Type Changes By
Add #368 Add XML validation matcher christophd
Add #367 Add JSON slurper Groovy validation support danielp christophd
Fix #366 Fixed issue with JSONArray and simple object values christophd
Add #365 Message tracing log files christophd
Add #364 Schema mappings on receive action definition christophd
Add #363 Typed message headers christophd
Add #362 Purge message channel action christophd
Add #361 Schema mapping strategy chain christophd
Add #360 Root QName schema mapping strategy christophd
Add #359 Local host address function christophd
Add #358 Function for digest authentication header creation christophd
Add #356 Message selector support for message channels christophd
Add #357 Root QName message selector on message channels christophd
Fix #355 Fixed JBoss Maven repository christophd
Update #352 Upgrade to Spring 3.1.1 christophd
Update #353 Upgrade to Spring WS 2.1.0 christophd
Update #354 Upgrade to Spring Integration 2.1.2 christophd
Add #348 Custom validation matchers cwied
Fix #339 Work on Sonar reported warnings christophd
Fix #362 Do not use ParseException christophd
Add #331 Custom actions tutorial jza
Add #346 Validation matchers cwied
Add #400 Validate REST Http error status codes christophd
Add #369 Write blog entry on TestNG parameter support christophd
Fix #363 Unknown test error reporting christophd
Fix #366 Documentation bug on JmsConnectingMessageHandler package christophd
Fix #301 Variable support in Java action christophd
Fix #367 Setter on messaging template attribute in message-channel sender/receiver christophd
Fix #365 @ property marker escaping in HTML reporter christophd
Fix #364 JSON null value validation christophd
Add #312 REST support (client and server side) christophd
Add #247 Autowired tasks before/after suite christophd
Add #248 TestNG parameter as variables christophd
Add #299 Maven3 support christophd
Add #300 Update Maven plugin versions christophd
Fix #361 Fixed Http server connections from other machines christophd
Add #316 Mime headers in SOAP client christophd
Add #303 Fork mode for SOAP message sending christophd
Add #317 Create variable from Groovy script jblipphaus, christophd
Add #314 HTML test report philkom
Add #323 Citrus Maven archetype christophd
Fix #350 Variable support in templates christophd
Add #330 Groovy SQL result set validation christophd
Add #347 Custom imports in Groovy scripts christophd
Add #349 Objects as test variables christophd
Add #344 Plain text message validator christophd
Add #343 JSON message validator christophd
Fix #345 No XML specifica in TestContext christophd
Fix #324 Multi-line SQL validation stmts philkom, christophd
Fix #322 onFinish() of JUnitReporter called too late christophd
Add #342 Global namespace mappings for XPath christophd
Fix #195 Validate namespaces support is broken christophd
Add #336 Support message channel name resolving christophd
Add #321 Add custom connectors to Citrus Jetty server christophd
Add #338 WsAddressing support in Soap message sender christophd
Add #308 Maven plugin for test generation from WSDL and XSD christophd
Add #334 Dynamic Http endpoint uri resolver christophd
Add #333 Dynamic SOAP endpoint uri resolver christophd
Fix #332 Handle errors in before suite/class annotated methods christophd
Add #325 Log SOAP client errors properly christophd
Fix #328 Handle and log errors during ApplicationContext setup christophd
Add #329 Log SOAP messages in pure nature christophd
Add #320 CDATA vs. any-element philkom
Add #139 Dependency cleanup and version updates christophd
Add #315 HTTP headers in SOAP message validation christophd
Add #241 Validate multiple db rows philkom
Add #305 Groovy XML message validation philkom
Add #306 Groovy MarkupBuilder philkom
Add #304 TestContext in Groovy action philkom, christophd
Add #272 Variable support in property loader philkom

Release 1.1 – 12.08.2010

Type Changes By
Add #313 Log message when validation fails mm
Fix #290 Log XSD schema validation errors properly mm
Fix #297 SubstringAfterFunction cwied
Add #296 Attachment support for webservice replies cwied
Fix #295 Support for namespace uri containing "xmlns" phrase christophd
Add #287 SOAP header XML support christophd
Add #246 MessageChannelConnecting MessageHandler christophd
Fix #294 Template parameter variable support dimovelev
Add #293 Template parameter as CDATA dimovelev
Add #292 MapValueFunction dimovelev
Add #291 RandomEnumValueFunction dimovelev
Add #286 Ignore placeholder christophd
Fix #289 Fixed Spring wiring bug in AbstractTestNGCitrusTest in test set up methods mm
Add #288 Support setting variables in TestNG tests mm
Fix #285 Finally block not executed in failure state christophd
Add #284 Provide line numbers in failure messages christophd
Add #283 Improve exception tracing in parallel container christophd
Fix #191 TestExecutionAspect not working christophd
Fix #268 NPE in ws:receive without attachment data christophd
Fix #281 XPath result type support (boolean, string, number, node) christophd
Fix #277 XML namespace context support in XPath expressions christophd
Add #274 Added SOAP fault support for sending SOAP responses christophd
Fix #273 XML processing instruction in inline XML data christophd
Fix #271 citrus-ant-tasks Unix file path translation christophd
Fix #270 Automatic UTF-8 to UTF-16 conversion when sending messages christophd
Fix #269 Receive timeout ignored when using message selector string christophd
Fix #244 Purge Jms queues - adjust receive timeout christophd
Fix #243 Premature EOF in Citrus WS endpoint christophd
Fix #226 SOAP header to JMS header conversion using WebLogic JMS Server christophd
Fix #240 Read database values to variables without validation christophd
Fix #237 Variable replacement in file resource christophd
Fix #236 Handle large SOAP attachments christophd
Fix #235 Inline attachment data setter in ws:send christophd
Fix #222 Template parameter in parallel container christophd
Fix #227 Overwrite message validator instance in test case christophd
Fix #225 Validate SOAP attachment with unknown content-id christophd
Fix #224 Set SOAP attachment validator in test case christophd
Add #196 Add documentation for auto-sleep in repeat-on-error-until-true christophd
Add #194 Add documentation for Groovy support christophd
Fix #221 JMS to SOAP header conversion christophd
Update #220 Purge JMS queue destinations (JNDI support) christophd
Update #219 Validating SOAP attachments christophd
Update #216 Improved JMS Topic support in sender/receiver christophd
Fix #217 Fixed sender/receiver configuration when using JMS topics christophd
Update #215 Parallel container failing meaningful when handling single exception christophd
Fix #212 JMSTemplate interference with default destination setting christophd
Fix #210 Creating new test cases with ant christophd
Fix #211 SOAP header mapping for WSEndpoint implementation christophd
Fix #205 Receive timeout configuration not compliant with PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer christophd
Fix #207 Sync reply destination holder not threadsafe christophd
Fix #206 Sync reply message handler not threadsafe christophd
Fix #208 JMS receiver ignoring timeout setting when adding JMS selector christophd
Add #203 Sending SOAP attachments as a client christophd
Add #189 SOAP Fault validation christophd
Add #187 Extended exception validation christophd
Add #204 Generate test documentation in Excel christophd
Add #202 Extend test case meta-info with custom elements christophd
Add #201 Write custom actions / extend test case with custom actions christophd
Add #213 Interactive test creation in Maven plugin christophd
Add #214 Interactive Excel doc generation in Maven plugin christophd
Fix #186 XML validation - fixed assert error messages christophd
Fix #184 Avoid lower case test names christophd
Fix #183 Set targetPackage for test creation in Maven plugin christophd
Fix #185 Parallel container not failing correctly christophd

Release 1.0 – 25.09.2009

Type Changes By
Update #000 Switch to Maven build system christophd
Update #000 Code refactoring christophd
Update #000 Documentation update christophd
Update #000 Installation process christophd
Add #000 Maven plugin for test case creation christophd
Add #000 Citrus ANT tasks christophd
Add #000 Custom Spring 2.x XML configuration schema christophd

Release 0.1 - 0.9 – 25.09.2006 - 26.08.2008

Type Changes By
Add #000 Older versions of Citrus for internal use christophd