Release History

VersionDateDescription release release
1.402.05.20141.4 release release
1.301.04.20131.3 release release release open source release
0.1 - 0.925.09.2006 - 26.08.2008Older versions for internal use

Release 2.0 - 01.11.2014

updateCITRUS-234 Remove deprecated classeschristophd
updateCITRUS-233 Separate citrus-jms modulechristophd
addCITRUS-232 Use message converter patternchristophd
fixCITRUS-231 Schema validation on xs:anychristophd
updateCITRUS-230 Upgrade to Spring 4.xchristophd
addCITRUS-229 Update dependency and Maven plugin versionschristophd
fixCITRUS-228 TestNG parameters in Java DSLchristophd
updateCITRUS-227 Use TestContext in validation matcher interfacechristophd
updateCITRUS-226 Use TestContext in function interfacechristophd
addCITRUS-225 Create variable validation matcherchristophd
addCITRUS-224 Namespace context configuration componentchristophd
updateCITRUS-223 Correlate messages by defaultchristophd
addCITRUS-222 Multiple SOAP attachmentschristophd
addCITRUS-221 Multiple SOAP header fragmentschristophd
addCITRUS-220 Data dictionary schema componentchristophd
updateCITRUS-219 Auto sleep in millisecondschristophd
updateCITRUS-218 Sleep action in millisecondschristophd
updateCITRUS-217 Rework MessageListener interfacechristophd
updateCITRUS-216 Log Citrus versionchristophd
updateCITRUS-215 Rework root application contextchristophd
addCITRUS-214 ValidationMatcher XML schema componentchristophd
addCITRUS-213 Function library componentchristophd
addCITRUS-212 Sequence after test componentchristophd
addCITRUS-211 Sequence before/after suite componentschristophd
updateCITRUS-210 Rework sample applicationschristophd
updateCITRUS-209 Rework Maven pluginchristophd
addCITRUS-188 Fail fast when validator is missingchristophd
addCITRUS-171 Ftp server adapterchristophd
addCITRUS-191 JMS Soap message converterchristophd
addCITRUS-90 Citrus Jms header mapperchristophd

Release 1.4.1 - 11.07.2014

addCITRUS-207 Dynamic endpoint componentschristophd
addCITRUS-205 Apache Camel supportchristophd
addCITRUS-203 Vert.x supportchristophd
fixCITRUS-202 Missing soap must understand interceptor supportchristophd
fixCITRUS-201 Custom interceptors in citrus-ws server component not loadedchristophd

Release 1.4 - 02.05.2014

addCITRUS-200 Global variables componentchristophd
fixCITRUS-199 Auto sleep < 1 secondchristophd
addCITRUS-198 JSON text validator strict modechristophd
fixCITRUS-197 Attachment spelling in Java DSLchristophd
addCITRUS-195 Java DSL Http specific send optionschristophd
fixCITRUS-194 Misleading create variables action in Java DSLchristophd
fixCITRUS-192 Nested anonymous test actions failchristophd
updateCITRUS-190 Doku: FTP adapter descriptionchristophd
fixCITRUS-187 Class cast exceptions when using object variable valuechristophd
fixCITRUS-186 AssertionErrors not handledchristophd
fixCITRUS-185 SSHClient with just username/passwordchristophd
addCITRUS-184 Mail adapterchristophd
addCITRUS-183 SOAP Http Uri as headerchristophd
addCITRUS-166 XML data dictionarychristophd

Release 1.3.1 - 06.09.2013

updateCITRUS-182 Support multiple test methods in Java DSL TestBuilder classchristophd
updateCITRUS-181 Add true/false to BooleanExpressionParserchristophd
fixCITRUS-180 Attribute validation xsi:type namespace dependentchristophd
fixCITRUS-179 XHTML user guide missing tidy dependencychristophd
fixCITRUS-178 Groovy message header validation skippedchristophd
fixCITRUS-177 ProcessContents strategy for xs:any elements in testcase.xsdchristophd
updateCITRUS-176 Improve message dispatching handlerchristophd
fixCITRUS-175 Empty control message disables validationchristophd
fixCITRUS-174 JAXBHelperImpl using jdk internal NamespacePrefixMapperchristophd
addCITRUS-173 MatchWeekday functionchristophd
addCITRUS-172 ChangeDate functionchristophd
fixCITRUS-169 FileUtils read to String encodingchristophd
addCITRUS-168 Add XSD schema repository bean definition parserchristophd
updateCITRUS-167 Move message constructing interceptor to base interfacechristophd

Release 1.3 - 01.04.2013

addCITRUS-165 Add Http params to basic authenticationchristophd
addCITRUS-164 Support Jetty server with security handlerchristophd
addCITRUS-163 Support multiple SOAP fault detail elementschristophd
fixCITRUS-162 Random number function leading zero numberschristophd
fixCITRUS-161 SOAP 1.2 fault detail validationchristophd
fixCITRUS-160 CurrentDateFunction not threadsafe with custom date format patternchristophd
fixCITRUS-159 MessageSelectorBuilder breaks with 'A' 'N' 'D' characterschristophd
addCITRUS-158 Http error code simulationchristophd
addCITRUS-157 SSH adapter for mocking SSH requestsroland
updateCITRUS-156 Extend schema repository with pattern resolverchristophd
addCITRUS-155 Add WSDL support for schema repositorychristophd
addCITRUS-154 Add SOAP fault actor supportchristophd
addCITRUS-153 Test actorschristophd
fixCITRUS-152 JUnit test execution brokenchristophd
fixCITRUS-151 Resolve function throwing StringIndexOutOfBoundschristophd
fixCITRUS-150 WebServiceEndpoint - NullPointerException when there´s no responsechristophd
fixCITRUS-149 XPath breaks message selector with "=" characterchristophd
fixCITRUS-148 Java action with String argument typechristophd
fixCITRUS-147 Comma character breaks concat functionchristophd
updateCITRUS-146 Support variables in file resource pathschristophd
fixCITRUS-145 JSONArray as top level elementchristophd
fixCITRUS-143 SOAP fault detail schema validationchristophd
addCITRUS-142 Add new test action for running ANT build targetschristophd
addCITRUS-91 JUnit sampleschristophd
addCITRUS-84 JMS durable subscriberschristophd
addCITRUS-82 Fork Http send actionchristophd
addCITRUS-68 Java DSL for writing test caseschristophd

Release 1.2 - 05.07.2012

add#368 Add XML validation matcherchristophd
add#367 Add JSON slurper Groovy validation supportdanielp christophd
fix#366 Fixed issue with JSONArray and simple object valueschristophd
add#365 Message tracing log fileschristophd
add#364 Schema mappings on receive action definitionchristophd
add#363 Typed message headerschristophd
add#362 Purge message channel actionchristophd
add#361 Schema mapping strategy chainchristophd
add#360 Root QName schema mapping strategychristophd
add#359 Local host address functionchristophd
add#358 Function for digest authentication header creationchristophd
add#356 Message selector support for message channelschristophd
add#357 Root QName message selector on message channelschristophd
fix#355 Fixed JBoss Maven repositorychristophd
update#352 Upgrade to Spring 3.1.1christophd
update#353 Upgrade to Spring WS 2.1.0christophd
update#354 Upgrade to Spring Integration 2.1.2christophd
add#348 Custom validation matcherscwied
fix#339 Work on Sonar reported warningschristophd
fix#362 Do not use ParseExceptionchristophd
add#331 Custom actions tutorialjza
add#346 Validation matcherscwied
add#400 Validate REST Http error status codeschristophd
add#369 Write blog entry on TestNG parameter supportchristophd
fix#363 Unknown test error reportingchristophd
fix#366 Documentation bug on JmsConnectingMessageHandler packagechristophd
fix#301 Variable support in Java actionchristophd
fix#367 Setter on messaging template attribute in message-channel sender/receiverchristophd
fix#365 @ property marker escaping in HTML reporterchristophd
fix#364 JSON null value validationchristophd
add#312 REST support (client and server side)christophd
add#247 Autowired tasks before/after suitechristophd
add#248 TestNG parameter as variableschristophd
add#299 Maven3 supportchristophd
add#300 Update Maven plugin versionschristophd
fix#361 Fixed Http server connections from other machineschristophd
add#316 Mime headers in SOAP clientchristophd
add#303 Fork mode for SOAP message sendingchristophd
add#317 Create variable from Groovy scriptjblipphaus, christophd
add#314 HTML test reportphilkom
add#323 Citrus Maven archetypechristophd
fix#350 Variable support in templateschristophd
add#330 Groovy SQL result set validationchristophd
add#347 Custom imports in Groovy scriptschristophd
add#349 Objects as test variableschristophd
add#344 Plain text message validatorchristophd
add#343 JSON message validatorchristophd
fix#345 No XML specifica in TestContextchristophd
fix#324 Multi-line SQL validation stmtsphilkom, christophd
fix#322 onFinish() of JUnitReporter called too latechristophd
add#342 Global namespace mappings for XPathchristophd
fix#195 Validate namespaces support is brokenchristophd
add#336 Support message channel name resolvingchristophd
add#321 Add custom connectors to Citrus Jetty serverchristophd
add#338 WsAddressing support in Soap message senderchristophd
add#308 Maven plugin for test generation from WSDL and XSDchristophd
add#334 Dynamic Http endpoint uri resolverchristophd
add#333 Dynamic SOAP endpoint uri resolverchristophd
fix#332 Handle errors in before suite/class annotated methodschristophd
add#325 Log SOAP client errors properlychristophd
fix#328 Handle and log errors during ApplicationContext setupchristophd
add#329 Log SOAP messages in pure naturechristophd
add#320 CDATA vs. any-elementphilkom
add#139 Dependency cleanup and version updateschristophd
add#315 HTTP headers in SOAP message validationchristophd
add#241 Validate multiple db rowsphilkom
add#305 Groovy XML message validationphilkom
add#306 Groovy MarkupBuilderphilkom
add#304 TestContext in Groovy actionphilkom, christophd
add#272 Variable support in property loaderphilkom

Release 1.1 - 12.08.2010

add#313 Log message when validation failsmm
fix#290 Log XSD schema validation errors properlymm
fix#297 SubstringAfterFunctioncwied
add#296 Attachment support for webservice repliescwied
fix#295 Support for namespace uri containing "xmlns" phrasechristophd
add#287 SOAP header XML supportchristophd
add#246 MessageChannelConnecting MessageHandlerchristophd
fix#294 Template parameter variable supportdimovelev
add#293 Template parameter as CDATAdimovelev
add#292 MapValueFunctiondimovelev
add#291 RandomEnumValueFunctiondimovelev
add#286 Ignore placeholderchristophd
fix#289 Fixed Spring wiring bug in AbstractTestNGCitrusTest in test set up methodsmm
add#288 Support setting variables in TestNG testsmm
fix#285 Finally block not executed in failure statechristophd
add#284 Provide line numbers in failure messageschristophd
add#283 Improve exception tracing in parallel containerchristophd
fix#191 TestExecutionAspect not workingchristophd
fix#268 NPE in ws:receive without attachment datachristophd
fix#281 XPath result type support (boolean, string, number, node)christophd
fix#277 XML namespace context support in XPath expressionschristophd
add#274 Added SOAP fault support for sending SOAP responseschristophd
fix#273 XML processing instruction in inline XML datachristophd
fix#271 citrus-ant-tasks Unix file path translationchristophd
fix#270 Automatic UTF-8 to UTF-16 conversion when sending messageschristophd
fix#269 Receive timeout ignored when using message selector stringchristophd
fix#244 Purge Jms queues - adjust receive timeoutchristophd
fix#243 Premature EOF in Citrus WS endpointchristophd
fix#226 SOAP header to JMS header conversion using WebLogic JMS Serverchristophd
fix#240 Read database values to variables without validationchristophd
fix#237 Variable replacement in file resourcechristophd
fix#236 Handle large SOAP attachmentschristophd
fix#235 Inline attachment data setter in ws:sendchristophd
fix#222 Template parameter in parallel containerchristophd
fix#227 Overwrite message validator instance in test casechristophd
fix#225 Validate SOAP attachment with unknown content-idchristophd
fix#224 Set SOAP attachment validator in test casechristophd
add#196 Add documentation for auto-sleep in repeat-on-error-until-truechristophd
add#194 Add documentation for Groovy supportchristophd
fix#221 JMS to SOAP header conversionchristophd
update#220 Purge JMS queue destinations (JNDI support)christophd
update#219 Validating SOAP attachmentschristophd
update#216 Improved JMS Topic support in sender/receiverchristophd
fix#217 Fixed sender/receiver configuration when using JMS topicschristophd
update#215 Parallel container failing meaningful when handling single exceptionchristophd
fix#212 JMSTemplate interference with default destination settingchristophd
fix#210 Creating new test cases with antchristophd
fix#211 SOAP header mapping for WSEndpoint implementationchristophd
fix#205 Receive timeout configuration not compliant with PropertyPlaceholderConfigurerchristophd
fix#207 Sync reply destination holder not threadsafechristophd
fix#206 Sync reply message handler not threadsafechristophd
fix#208 JMS receiver ignoring timeout setting when adding JMS selectorchristophd
add#203 Sending SOAP attachments as a clientchristophd
add#189 SOAP Fault validationchristophd
add#187 Extended exception validationchristophd
add#204 Generate test documentation in Excelchristophd
add#202 Extend test case meta-info with custom elementschristophd
add#201 Write custom actions / extend test case with custom actionschristophd
add#213 Interactive test creation in Maven pluginchristophd
add#214 Interactive Excel doc generation in Maven pluginchristophd
fix#186 XML validation - fixed assert error messageschristophd
fix#184 Avoid lower case test nameschristophd
fix#183 Set targetPackage for test creation in Maven pluginchristophd
fix#185 Parallel container not failing correctlychristophd

Release 1.0 - 25.09.2009

update#000 Switch to Maven build systemchristophd
update#000 Code refactoringchristophd
update#000 Documentation updatechristophd
update#000 Installation processchristophd
add#000 Maven plugin for test case creationchristophd
add#000 Citrus ANT taskschristophd
add#000 Custom Spring 2.x XML configuration schemachristophd

Release 0.1 - 0.9 - 25.09.2006 - 26.08.2008

add#000 Older versions of Citrus for internal usechristophd